Título [A] From the Beginning of the Sea: Anthology of contemporary Galician short stories
Autoras/es Nome  John Rutherford
 Kirsty Hooper
 Manuel Puga Moruxa
Publicacións  [From the Beginning of the Sea: Anthology of contemporary Galician short stories]
Xénero  LIT_Narrativa_Relatos
Lingua  Inglés (Reino Unido) - en GB
Direccionalidade  Directa
Ano  2008
Edición  monolingüe
Formato, volume, fascículo, número, páxinas  XIV; 23 cm, 188 p.
Obra completa, Antoloxía  Anthology contents: Marilar Aleixandre, The Light of Day So Soon Dark; Wolves on the Islands; Xurxo Borrazás, A Plan Sort of; Surplus Value; Uxía Casal, Conditional; Very Fragile; Luisa Castro, The Story of My Dog; A Woman and a Chair; Xosé Cid Cabido, Must Be Going, Must Must Must; Clandestine Bingo; Marina Mayoral, My Dear Friend; Dear Madam; Miguel-Anxo Murado, Two Friends; Zoo; Gonzalo Navaza, Bull & Mignonne; Chinese Ink; Xavier Queipo, Château Saignant; The Lahu Settlement; Manuel Rivas, One Million Cows; That Damn Soul; Suso de Toro, To the Precise Degree; Up Early; Xelís de Toro, Insomnia; Papa's Chair.
Tipo de edición  1ª edición
ISBN  978-1-906496-13-5
Lugar de edición: editora, colección  Brighton: Foreign Demand
Localización e signatura  BUV Central; 869.9-3 FRO the
Soporte  Papel
Introdución e notas  Kirsty Hooper
Textos críticos  
Observacións  This anthology and translation has been made by the Centre for Galician Studies at The Queen’s College in the University of Oxford. The Centre has also been responsible for two previous literary translation projects, the books Them and Other Stories by Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín and Things by Castelao, both published by Planet. This book inaugurates the collection Foreign Demand, a publishing project of the group Boca2mouth. (